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Reputable Suspension Upgrades

Suspension systems can be modified to suit a range of requirements from the ability to reduce ride height or improve transitional weight transfer rates when driving at high speeds. Above all, upgrading the suspension enables the driver to enjoy a more precise handline set-up, providing more control over the vehicle when accelerating, decelerating and turning corners. This is ideal for luxury cars, which are designed exclusively to provide a high-performance experience.

When upgrading a suspension system with Deutsch Tech Performance, a vast selection of products are available to align with requirements. In other words, all our specialist team require is an explanation of the desired results, and then they will determine the most effective route to maximise the potential of your vehicle.

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32+ Years Of Experience

The founders of Deutsch Tech Performance share a true passion for the industry, beginning their careers more than 32 years ago as BMW apprentices.

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Not only are our mechanic’s reputable industry specialists, but also fully trained in fabrications, meaning that all components required can be custom-made.

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The Deutsch Tech brand is proud to have built strong relationships with both clients and fellow industry professionals. In fact, many of our customers have become friends.

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